Job Bids & Estimates

  1. All estimates are valid for a period 30 days.
  2. Estimates will be generated in 1 to 3 business days.
  3. All additional discounts must accompany an official quote from dealer or competitor.
  4. All manufacturers’ warranties apply.

Jobsite Take-Offs

  1. Clients must sign off on order(s) before physical jobsite inspections & walkthroughs take place.
  2. Jobsite take-offs are only for local clients within 10 miles.
  3. On-site take-offs and evaluations are limited to a max of three visits.
  4. Clients must schedule no sooner than 3 days in advance.
  5. All appropriate personnel (if required) must be present at the time of on-site visit.
  6. Jobsite inspection / take-off will not take place if more than 30 minutes late and must reschedule.

Delivery Schedules

  1. Notify clients of a delivery time frame one week more than the actual vendor ETA; no rush on orders.
  2. Changes to the method of delivery may change the delivery date.
  3. Jobsite delivery fee: $150.00
  4. LTL delivery fee: Varies depending upon size, weight, and quantity.

Jobsite Deliveries

  1. Must have at least two workers present on jobsite at the time of delivery to help unload material. Delivery may not be made without two workers present. Driver will determine safety conditions for proper delivery. Charges will apply.
  2. No returns after material has been taken to the jobsite unless damaged or incorrect.
  3. Orders under $500.00 must be picked up from warehouse with the arrangement of the client within 15 business days.
  4. Someone must be present at the jobsite to sign off on company packing slip and delivery documentation.

On-Site Service & Maintenance

  1. Clients must call to schedule service
  2. Someone must be present on the day of scheduled service.
  3. Changes to the service schedule may cause further delays.
  4. There is no rush on service and maintenance orders.

Storage & Pick-ups from Warehouse

  1. Materials can be held and stored for no more than 15 business days.
  2. Our company cannot be held responsible for any damages material and contents. Client assumes responsibility due to multiple transport of goods.